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Google Ads Tracking with ADXL: A Comprehensive Support Guide
Google Ads Tracking with ADXL: A Comprehensive Support Guide

Simplify Google Ads tracking

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Managing your Google Ads campaigns can be streamlined with the help of ADXL, a platform designed to automate the creation and management of all tracking codes, tags, and snippets. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Google ADX tracking with ADXL.

Google Site Tags

If the Google Site Tag is not already in your account, ADXL will generate it for you. The Google Site Tag, or Google tag (gtag.js), is a crucial element in tracking the behavior of visitors on your website and evaluating the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

In addition to the Google Site Tag, ADXL also assists in generating the following tracking codes:

Google Ads Global Site Tag (gtag.js)

Google AdWords conversion tracking code

Google Ads Remarketing Tag

These tracking codes provide valuable insights into your campaign performance and help you understand how users interact with your website after clicking on your ads.

Tracking Standard and Custom Events with ADXL

ADXL can track standard events, such as View Content, Add To Cart, Purchase, and Lead. These events reflect crucial user interactions with your website and can help you gauge the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Besides standard events, ADXL also allows the creation and tracking of custom events. Custom events enable you to track unique user interactions that don't fit into the pre-defined standard event categories.

ADXL Tag Manager: Your One-Stop Solution

The ADXL Tag Manager is a comprehensive solution for managing your marketing measurement needs. As a tag management system, it automates the processes of adding, updating, and managing tracking codes on your website. This feature helps in centralizing your tracking tasks, saving time, and ensuring accuracy.

Running Google Ads with ADXL provides a seamless and automated approach to ad campaign management. By efficiently creating and managing all necessary tracking codes, tags, and snippets, ADXL allows you to focus on optimizing your advertising strategies and maximizing your returns on ad spend.

Google's security standards are strict. Google products only collect data on pages where you have deployed the associated tags.

Please ensure you're providing users with clear and comprehensive information about the data you collect on your websites, and getting consent for that collection where legally required.

For more detailed information about Google Ads Global Site Tag (gtag.js), Google AdWords conversion tracking code, and Google Ads Remarketing Tag, please visit the official Google Ads support page - Click Here

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