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Campaign Publishing Quick Tips
Campaign Publishing Quick Tips

After public approval, review, policy compliance and edit campaign on review

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How is non-compliance with a channel's policy handled?

If a campaign does not comply with a channel's policy, it must either be run without that channel or the customer must change it to comply.

What happens if a campaign is on multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and doesn't comply with just one of them?

If a campaign does not comply with even one of the policies on the platforms, the campaign will not run. The non-compliant channel must be removed, and the campaign must be resubmitted.

What is the ADXL policy regarding advertising in one channel versus multiple channels?

ADXL policy requires that if you want to advertise in one channel, you must comply with that channel's policy; if advertising in multiple channels, you must comply with all the channels' policies.

Can the campaign be changed once it's submitted for review?

No, once the campaign is submitted for review, they cannot change it.

Can the campaign be changed once it's published, even if it's not approved?

No, once they publish the campaign, if it is not approved, they cannot change it.

Can changes be made to the campaign while it's waiting for approval or rejection?

No, the campaign cannot be changed during the time it is awaiting approval or rejection.

Is there any stage at which the campaign can be modified after submission?

No, after submission for review, the campaign cannot be changed until it is either approved or rejected.

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