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Getting Started with ADXL
Getting Started with ADXL

Get the most out of ADXL with our step‑by‑step help with any stage of your business journey.

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How to Sign Up for ADXL Using Your Email AddressSimple registration process
ADXL Options for Hand-Picking Your Audience for LinkedIn OptimizationADXL offers tailored audience selection for optimized LinkedIn reach, ensuring precise targeting
Discover Lead Generation Options With ADXLUnlock lead gen with ADXL's versatile options. Elevate outreach, amplify conversions
Cross-Channel Analytics Combines Data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Google Search & Display for Optimal ResultsElevate insights with ADXL's Cross-Channel Analytics. Unite data for top outcomes across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Google
How to Start Your 7-Day Free Trial of ADXL: A Step-by-Step Guide to Sign UpFree 7-day trial initiation. Easy signup steps guide your way
ADXL Ad Credit Promotional Credits: How to Use Them for Your Ad SpendBoost ad reach with ADXL's promo credits. Maximize impact, optimize ad spend effectively
Multiple Brands In One Account (ADXL Advertisers)Manage diverse brands under one ADXL account efficiently. Streamline advertising for multiple brands
Setting Campaign Goals and Measuring Conversions with ADXLDefine goals, track conversions. Optimize campaigns with data-driven insights
ADXL's Approach to Special Ad Categories and Non-Discriminatory AdvertisingSpecial categories, fairness in advertising. Promoting non-discrimination
Trademark Policies for Advertising: A Comprehensive Guide for ADXL UsersNavigate ADXL's trademark policies smartly. Your guide to responsible advertising practices
Understanding ADXL Team/User Permissions and RolesEmpower collaboration with ADXL permissions. Master user roles for effective teamwork
How to Create Your ADXL Account Using Your Mobile NumberSeamless ADXL account setup via mobile number. Quick and easy registration process
Create Your ADXL Account Using Your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn AccountQuick setup via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. Secure, seamless process
Get Started With ADXL: Creating Your AccountAccount creation made easy. Unlock powerful advertising tools
Understanding the Account & Organization Structure in ADXL Account ManagementDecipher ADXL's account structure. Navigate efficiently for streamlined management
How to Change User Permissions in ADXLAdjust user permissions seamlessly in ADXL. Enhance collaboration