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Troubleshooting Failed Campaigns in ADXL
Troubleshooting Failed Campaigns in ADXL

Effortlessly troubleshoot failed campaigns in ADXL

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Troubleshoot Failed Campaigns in ADXL: How to Find, View and Fix the Reason for Failure. Failed campaigns can happen for various reasons but most of them can be fixed easily. To troubleshoot a failed campaign in ADXL, you need to find it, view the reason for the failure and then fix the issue.

Here are the steps to do so:

  • Finding the Failed Campaign

    • Log in to your ADXL dashboard.

    • Navigate to the "Campaigns" section.

    • Look for the campaign that has failed. Failed campaigns will have a red "Failed" tag next to them.

ADXL Campaign List

  • Viewing the Reason for Failure

    • Click on the failed campaign to open the campaign details page.

    • In the campaign details page, you will see the list of platforms in the campaign and the red "Failed" tag next to the channels that failed.

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