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How to Edit or Revise a Failed Campaign on ADXL
How to Edit or Revise a Failed Campaign on ADXL

If your campaign is failed find the view solutions button and edit the campaign and update any errors

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If you've encountered a failed campaign on ADXL, don't worry! You can easily edit and fix it using these simple steps:

  1. Identify the Failed Campaign: After you've published a campaign, there might be instances where it fails due to various reasons. When you notice a campaign with a "failed" status, proceed to the next step.

  2. Access the Campaign Details: From the campaign list, click on the name of the campaign that has failed. This will take you into the campaign details page where you can get more information about the failure.

  3. Review the Failure Reason: On the campaign details page, you will see the campaign that has failed. Click on this specific campaign to learn more about why it failed. The platform will provide a reason for the failure.

  4. View Potential Solutions: At the top of the campaign details page, you'll notice a section mentioning that your campaign failed to build on certain selected platforms. Adjacent to this, there will be a "View Solutions" button. Click on it to explore potential solutions to the issues causing the failure.

  5. Access the Edit Option: Within the solutions page, you will find an "Edit Campaign" option. Click on this option to proceed with editing your campaign.

  6. Enter the Campaign Builder: Clicking on the "Edit Campaign" option will redirect you to the campaign builder interface. This is where you can make changes to any aspect of the campaign that needs adjustment.

  7. Make Necessary Edits: Once you're in the campaign builder, review the information and settings of the campaign. Make the necessary edits to address the issues that caused the failure. You can modify various components of the campaign to ensure it meets the platform's requirements.

  8. Save Your Changes: After you've made the required edits, remember to save your changes. Look for a "Save" or "Update" button within the campaign builder interface and click on it to apply your modifications.

  9. Recheck and Publish: Before publishing the edited campaign, take a final look to ensure all changes are correctly implemented and that the issues leading to the failure have been resolved. Once you're confident in your edits, proceed to publish the campaign again.

By following these steps, you can effectively edit a failed campaign on ADXL, addressing the issues that caused the failure and increasing the chances of a successful campaign on the selected platforms.

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