What is ADXL Campaign?

ADXL Campaign drives precise advertising strategies

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ADXL campaign is a type of advertising campaign designed to target a specific audience, locations, and assets group with ads that can be published across one or more channels.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when it comes to ADXL campaigns:

  • An ADXL account can have multiple advertisers, and each advertiser can have one or many campaigns.

  • A campaign can have one asset group, which includes images, videos, and ad copy.

  • A campaign can be run on one or all available channels, such as Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, TikTok ads, and Twitter ads.

  • There are four main campaign types: Instant Lead Campaign, Conversion Campaigns, Traffic Campaigns, and Video View Campaigns.

  • Each campaign type can have different variations, including new user acquisition campaigns, retargeting-only campaigns, and new user acquisition & retargeting mix campaigns.

  • ADXL has pre-defined campaign goals that are conversion-focused, such as Add Payment Info, Add To Cart, Complete Registration, Contact, Customize Product, Donate, Initiate Checkout, Lead, Purchase, Schedule, Search, Start Trial, Submit Application, Subscribe, View Content, Download, and Other.

  • Campaigns can have uploaded retargeting lists added or add retargeting lists from the audience inventory pre-merge lists.

  • Campaign analytics can be viewed through all channel analytics or by channel analytics.

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